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What can the Candidate expect?
Given the current economic condition, how is the HR job market effected? Is there still a demand for human resources and related professionals in the corporate and consulting worlds? Why go through a recruiter to make a job change? Wouldn't the company-borne placement fee be considered an impediment and possibly reduce a candidate's potential salary or signing bonus? Do potential employers frown on candidates for working with recruiting firms and not seeking out opportunities through their own efforts?

These are typical questions running through the minds of potential job-seekers. For many types of positions a recruiter is not contacted or utilized, yet,  for many “professional” positions, the acceptance of candidate submissions by recruiting firms is standard…..human resources-related positions being one of them. Beyond its acceptance, professionals in this field may benefit from such a relationship in many ways. With all of the online postings and job websites, potential job-seekers may think they are aware of all the opportunities out there, still there may be something well worth their attention that has not been advertised or uncovered at such sites or even the company water cooler….in fact, many companies are mulling over their projected needs and/or are willing to be “pitched” the idea of hiring a specific individual on an opportunistic basis.

Having an advocate in the marketplace that knows the contacts and hiring authorities in your related field can make an immeasurable difference.  Our historical data bears this out. No less than fifty percent of our placements are made when there wasn’t even a listed job opening.  Additionally, there are many specific questions about a position that could be answered by a recruiter before your resume is submitted and an interview takes place. Questions that, if answered,  may either increase or decrease a candidate's interest level beforehand. This valuable information  may possibly prevent a wasted trip to the company. For instance, how much does the position pay? What is the salary cap? What is the expectation for hours?

Finally, it may be helpful to have the assistance of a recruiter as an intermediary while negotiating salary, benefits, signing bonus, vacation etc. For the people that are uncomfortable with these discussions it may be awkward or difficult to state their well-deserved demands. Recruiter fees are typically paid out of separate budgets and have already been dedicated before a recruiting call is ever made. There is never a candidate-borne placement fee.